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Our Works

As many of our donations and grants are of relatively small amounts to and from individuals and groups, we would like to thank everyone, collectively, who has contributed in any way to our fundraising events. Without your support we could not do what we do, but please, be assured, that every penny we raise for welfare and charity purposes goes solely to those purposes.

Welfare Works - Local & Individual

We try to allocate 50% of funds raised to local Good Causes. As a prominent part of the local voluntary sector, special needs and requirements are referred to Southport Lions by a number of public and private organisations. We can often provide top-up funding where other sources have dried up, or perhaps where other sources cannot provide at all. Inevitably, much of what we do must remain private to protect the individuals concerned. We hope that you will understand why we can't give precise details!

There are things which are very far from being private, however, and starting in 2011 we have undertaken the planting of floral decorations for two of the town’s roundabouts. These provide a beautiful accent to points of entry to the centre of Southport, and help support the town’s entry to the annual Britain in Bloom competition.

Welfare Works - Major Projects

And we try to allocate 40% of funds raised to a local Major Project. In February 2004 we launched Chemocare, our biggest and most ambitious Club Project to date. Our aim was to raise £30,000 to assist in equipping and refurbishing the Medical and Oncology Day Unit at the Southport & Formby District General Hospital. We more than achieved our target, and the full story of what we did, and a little of how we did it, can be seen on our CHEMOCARE page. A little later, we bought eight new syringe drivers, at a cost of more than £5,000 for the Southport & Formby District General Hospital, as part of a programme to standardise on one particular type of equipment throughout the region. Still in the medical field, we were, in 2012/3,  involved in providing a landscaped garden area for the new Medical Day Unit at the Hospital, at a cost of some £15,000

Chemocare Defibrillators Dialysis Unit Floral Southport Haiti Relief Spinal Unit Kitchen Tsunami

Welfare Works - International

Southport Lions is a fundraising organisation, but we do not raise funds without specific purposes in mind, neither do we raise funds on behalf of other charities. Some while ago, the Club members made a decision that we would try to allocate funds to three different categories of need.


We try to allocate 10% of funds raised to International Projects. As a Club, we do not ourselves try to run any projects overseas, but provide funding for projects run by Lions' organisations in areas of specific need. As part of this commitment, we have supported eye camps in India, the development of water resources in rural Africa, and the international student exchange programmes run by Lions International.


Ever since the days of Helen Keller, Lions have been associated with the fight to eradicate preventable blindness, and Campaign Sight First, and Campaign Sight First II have raised hundreds of millions of pounds around the world to combat this scourge.


In 2005 our Club undertook an extended sponsorship of Katie Drury, an ex-student from KGV College, who decided that she absolutely had to help the victims of the Asian Tsunami. This is such an example of ‘can do, will do’ humanity that, even though other events have come and gone since, we encourage you to read her Tsunami REPORT, and be impressed.


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