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Our Shop’s Special Events

There are special events in the life of every one and every organisation, and our shop is no different. Here are our Special Events

Our Official Opening - 7th January 2012

It was a good day, all around. The weather was good, there were plenty of people there to help us celebrate, and the atmosphere was great. This time, however, it was for the Official Opening of our New Shop. The Guest of Honour was local actor and star of stage and screen David Lonsdale. Also starring were our President, Lion Ray Roukin, and the Managing Director of the Shop, Lion Joan Rylands

Our Official Opening - 21st May 2009

It was a good day, all around. The weather was good, there were plenty of people there to help us celebrate, and the atmosphere was great. Our Guest of Honour, seen wielding the scissors, was Alan Hansen, former Scottish International, and Captain of Liverpool FC. Also starring were our own Lion President Joan Rylands, and Cllr Brenda Porter, a supporter of the Southport Dialysis Unit Fund.

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In celebration of the opening, Southport Lions Club were delighted to hand over a cheque for £1000 to the Southport Dialysis Unit Fund, to assist them with their excellent project. Seen with Mr Hansen and Cllr Porter, is Dr Leslie Grimshaw for whom the opening of the Unit earlier this year represented a special memorial to his late wife June who died following several years of dialysis in units around the region.


A cheque for £350 was presented to Christians Against Poverty, a group which assists some of the most needy of our fellow citizens in and around Southport. Southport Lions Club contributes in a number of ways, including the provision of domestic equipment, for those in the greatest need.


So, all in all, we couldn't have had a better opening. Many thanks indeed to everyone who made it possible: our Guest of Honour, and the representatives of the Dialysis Fund and CAP; our volunteers, who run the shop from day to day with style and enthusiasm; and our Lions Club members who carry the can!

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Although the timing of our move to the new shop was dictated by external events, the fact of it couldn’t have been better. Our new shop is bigger, has more storage, and provides us with room to do the electric testing and the office work. So, all in all, a lot of work but worth it in the end. We hope that you all agree. Certainly, everyone who was at the opening, Lions, Volunteers, and Customers, joined in the atmosphere of celebration, not to mention the wine and sandwiches. A big Thank You to everyone, and especially to our Guest of Honour David Lonsdale.

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