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Smörgåsbord 2010

13th February 2010


Last year, the annual Smörgåsbord fell exactly and precisely on St Valentine’s Day. There was nothing we could do about it, it was just one of those things. This year, of course, it was different. Saturday the thirteenth, but anything inauspicious about the date was dispelled by the superbly decorated room, the coloured balloons, the excellent Smorg, and, of course, the company of nearly eighty fellow Lions and Guests!

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Now we are fully aware, of course, that a number of people will look at the photograph of all the creative and constructive work going on, and wonder why it is that members of the male gender do not appear in approximately equal numbers. The simple solution is that, in general terms, apart from lifting and carrying and lugging, the men are barred from entry. It might have something to do with ability, or the fact that the gents are more likely to insist on quality controlling the output, but whatever the reason, what you see is what we got. And very good it was, too!

On the other hand, of course, the chaps have their own areas of competence and expertise. Apart from setting the tables, arranging the napery and cutlery and crockery and all sorts of other -eries, there were the balloons. Notice the artful and decorative way in which they are arranged all around the ceiling, highlighting the honours won by our hosts of the West Lancashire Yacht Club. And what more fitting tribute could there be?

The true Smörgåsbord would have been enjoyed by the Vikings at the end of one of their incredible voyages but, as you can see, ours is just a little more modern, with no horned helmets in sight. But even though we may lose points for historical authenticity, there weren’t too many lost for present-day enjoyment. If it wasn’t a case of wishing time away, we would say we are all looking forward to next year!