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The current Lions Shop, at 664 Liverpool Road, is not our first premises. From our original opening in September 2008 until September 2011, we occupied premises in Sherwood House, just along Station Road from where we are now.


Then, of course, Tesco decided that they would be so much more useful to the community, bought up the various leases, and dispossessed several independent businesses.


As it turned out, this has been a blessing in disguise for us, as it means that we have moved into much larger premises, and, as we are constantly reminded:

‘Every Little Helps’

664 - The Early Years


The Lions Shop is hardly the first occupant of the site! A number of photographs and postcards have come to light showing the premises of some of our predecessors. In recent years, of course, the property was occupied by Anchor Care and Medicine for Chernobyl, but going back to the early and middle years of the twentieth century, 664 was occupied by the Churchtown Co-operative Society, and next door, currently the sandwich shop and the greengrocers, there was W B Coates, a General Draper.

The coming of motor transport revolutionised the ways in which people shopped. No longer were we limited to walking distance, or tram tracks, we could go wherever there was a bus, and shopkeepers found it easier than ever to deliver.

Our photograph is undated, but judging by what can be seen on the road was probably taken either just before or just after the second World War. By this time, the Churchtown Co-op had become the Southport Co-op, and the glass and cast iron awning had gone, being left only in front of the Draper’s.

664 - The Twenty First Century


The history of 664 is now brought up to date. Because of rot in the woodwork of the front of the shop, we have had to completely replace the frontage, with a fitting in modern materials which should last a considerable time.  We have removed the former dividing wall which separated Chernobyl from Anchor Care. The floor has been stripped and recovered, the walls have been stripped and reclad, the suspended ceiling has been completely replaced. We have moved a partition wall in the back of the shop, and renovated the decorations.


All this has been done with money specially allocated for the project. Not one penny of the money which the shop raises for charity has gone into this work. None of the money has come from Tesco. We must gratefully thank an anonymous donor for what we have received.


So just sit back for a few minutes, and watch how the work went on

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Sherwood House - The Ups and Downs


The history of The Lions Shop began in Sherwood House, on Station Road in Ainsdale. The decision to open a shop had been taken by Southport Lions Club after much deliberation - it was a fairly major step to take for a small club, but the increasing difficulty of finding fundraising events which could support the level of work that we were used to, meant that something had to be done. Sherwood House was ideal for a start - a small-ish property which could be fitted out relatively easily by our own members, in a good retail building, with access to public transport and straightforward parking. The success of the shop was immediate, and before long we had taken leases on two lock-up garages in which to keep our stock.

The slide show below shows some of the work which went into Shop I

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