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Sefton Sports Awards 2011


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Christmas Parcels 2010


If there is one thing in the Lions’ calendar which requires cooperation, coordination, and a fair amount of hard work, it is the preparation of the Christmas Parcels. It may seem like one of those things which just happens, but the compilation of the list of recipients is a major undertaking in itself. Then there is the preparation of the list of contents, the budgeting, the ordering. Only when all this has been sorted does the relatively straight forward bit take place of collecting, loading, unloading, sorting, packing, wrapping, labelling, stacking, reloading, delivering, unloading, and going home! Just think of some of the quantities involved: 220 two kilo bags of potatoes - 440kg; 220 one kilo bags of rice - 220kg; 220 half kilo packs of cornflakes - 110kg; that’s three quarters of a ton of stuff even before you start adding all the carrots and tins and bottles and packets. Good grief, write it all down like this and it sounds like something wonderful. Want to know a secret? It is. It’s a sign that, in a harsh world, there are those who actually care enough to do something for those less fortunate. So, to everyone who contributed, through supporting our fundraising events, such as the Concert, a big Thank You!

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