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Sefton Sports Awards 2011


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Christmas Lights Switch-On

20th November 2011


Last year at this time we were casting careful eyes over the weather forecast, and wondering whether we would get stuck in the snow, or simply freeze to death, at the Christmas Lights Switch On. This year has been completely different, proving once again that British weather is worthy of the time and effort spent in discussing it. Our Lights Switch On day was clear, calm, nearly completely dry, and mild for the time of year. The end result of which was that thousands of people turned out to watch and listen to the entertainment provided from 2pm onwards in the Princess Diana Gardens, right in the heart of Lord Street.


Thousands of people who, as time edged towards Switch On time at 5.30pm, waited expectantly...

...while taking time to buy their flashing novelties from our Mobile Retail Centre. Thanks indeed to the more than two hundred people who helped us to help our local community.


And then, everything happened at once, or so it seemed. The Police Horses cleared the way and into sight came the Banks Brass Band, sponsored this year by Southport Lions, and followed immediately by our Big Fearsome Lion, our slightly smaller Cuddly Mrs Lion, and our amazingly active Small Lion Callum. Behind this group came our club banner, and our van, suitably twinkling in a truly festive fashion. More than twenty five separate groups of participants, each representing a club, charity or institution, followed, reaching the Princess Diana Gardens at 5.30pm in time for everyone to count down to lighting up time. A magical evening.

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