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Joining Lions

Lions are men and women who have chosen to give up some of their spare time and efforts to help other men and women, locally and around the world, who are in less fortunate circumstances, or whose lives have been seriously affected by disease or by natural disasters.

Although what we do has its serious side, no-one said it had to be boring!


We have no national, political or religious affiliations - our only requirements are that Members should be willing to accept and live up to the Lions motto 'We Serve'


Membership in any Lions Club is by invitation, but unless we know who you are, we can't invite you! So, if, having looked round our website, you like what you see, and think you might be interested in joining the worldwide family of Lions, please get in touch.


Prospective new members are encouraged to attend several of our meetings, where we can get to know you, and you can get to know us.


To start the process, please send us a message by clicking on the e-scroll below, or call us on 0845 833 7859 [This number will be answered at the Lions Shop during opening hours]

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