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Lion Alan Havard

19th January 2021



Time marches on but the toll which it takes on friends and colleagues is something which never becomes easier. Southport Lions have been mourning the death of fellow Lion Dr, Alan Havard, who died on 19th January 2021.


The following tribute has been contributed by a long-standing colleague of Alan’s, Captain Neil McQuaid.

Alan Havard Jim Heywood Neil McQuaid

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Alan joined the Lions Club in Southport in his thirties after finishing his rugby playing career and, although he had taken up refereeing and the rigours of training and playing were past, he felt now ready for a refocussing on community service. To this end The Lions fitted the bill. For the next forty four years , Alan was as committed to the service of others as he was on day one, until early in 2020 when his illness took more of a hold on his ability to function than he would wish.

In his years with the Club, he served as President in 1984-85, as Hon. Treasurer, and later as a long-serving Club Auditor. One of his more involving yet rewarding posts was as Welfare Chairman.

Alan was committed to The Lions on a local level, and those many years of service were focussed locally, yet at the same time he always strongly supported our wider activities. As a Club, Southport Lions aims to spend 10% of each year’s income on Overseas projects of note and, locally, at least 40% on a ‘major’ project each year, finances allowing.

Notable overseas projects included funding eye specialists in India for several weeks each year, while at the same time collecting thousands of used spectacles in the Southport area for refurbishing, and sending to India for recycling. The emotional stories that were related to us as to the massive impact those projects had, was both humbling and satisfying. The Club was also a regular supporter of projects to provide water wells in Africa. Whatever was required or asked for, Alan was always in the vanguard of those wishing to sign up to assist in any way he could.

Alan was a joker, friendly and affable in all respects, someone you could just accept and appreciate on first meeting him. One of his favourite projects we were involved with was the annual Easter Egg Raffles. Many of the Southport pubs and clubs signed up to a weeks-long raffle for a giant East Egg; a winner in each pub got an Egg, The Lions got the funds raised. It was very had work for the Lions as, in pairs, each week we had to visit each pub in our group of say six, to check on how things were progressing.

The Annual Southport Flower Show was a great favourite of Alan’s; his banter with the Show visitors was a joy to hear. I could go on, but suffice to say, Alan will be sadly missed by all the members of the Lions fraternity, especially those at Southport. He was much loved and admired and we will be all the poorer for the loss of a gentleman through and through.