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Handover 2012

26th June 2012 - Lion Geoff Ryan Installed as Southport Lions President


The handover of responsibility from the outgoing officers of the Club to the incoming team is one of the traditional rituals of Lions, but doing the same thing year after year would be boring. So each year we try a different experience. The Handover from Lion Ray to Lion Geoff took place in the evening of 26th June 2012, when we had gathered, together with friends and guests, at the Volare Restaurant on Lord Street. One advantage of being a fair-sized group is that you can book the whole restaurant, which is what we did.

Before the proceedings were opened formally, Lion Ray was seen in that light-hearted, end-of-term moment which comes with the realisation that in ten minutes time it will all be someone else’s responsibility!

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Volare is, of course, an Italian restaurant, so there was plenty of scope for everyone to practice their fake Italian accents. Much more genuine was the food and drink, which has made Volare a regular port of call for our social evenings.

Inevitably, there has to be a bit of business, and that is, of course, the handover of the Presidency. Lion Geoff accepted the responsibility and the chain of office from outgoing President Lion Ray - and as an aside, it is worth noting that the chain itself is getting to be quite heavy. Attached to the ribbon is a small metal plaque with the name and dates of each of our previous Presidents. And as the Club has been in existence since 1962 there are quite a number of these!

Lion Geoff set out his aims and ambitions for the year, and introduced us to the good causes he would recommend to the Club.

And after all the formalities were completed, we went back, or continued, to enjoy ourselves.

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