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Handover 2011

3rd July 2011 - Lion Ray Roukin Installed as Southport Lions President


The handover of responsibility from the outgoing officers of the Club to the incoming team is one of the traditional rituals of Lions. Another ritual which is fast becoming traditional is the sampling of the fruits of the vine. And when these two are combined, the end result is an afternoon of fun and fellowship - which surely is one of the foundations of Lionism.

The 2011 handover took place on Sunday 3rd July, and the venue chosen was the Portland Wine Cellars. Now, not a lot of people know this, but Portland Wine’s premises are a bit traditional in their own right. Wines and spirits have been sold from their cellars for more than a hundred years - since the days when customers pulled up in horse-drawn transport rather than new-fangled electric and petrol motor cars!

The most important parts of the day’s events were dealt with first, and most efficiently, by the two stars of the show, Lions Dave Linden and Ray Roukin. Our third photo shows the new Pres and the Immediate Past Pres both looking happy at the same time.

Next, we all practiced drinking wine, sipping most moderately at the selected vintages placed before us. All this was accompanied by a most educational exposition by Portland boss David Smith, ably assisted by Christine, who took us on a remarkably painless trip through space and time, finishing with a notably expensive magnum of red from that less-than-famous wine growing region of the Lebanon.

While all this oenology was going on inside, there was some controlled burning taking place outside. Fortunately it did not prove necessary to share the products with the emergency services, which meant that there was enough of the barbeque for the paying guests. However good digital photography has become, there is not, as yet, any reliable method of recording the delicious smells which emanated from the barbie; we can but hope that this is next on the list.

Within the Cellar, Lions and Guests were engaged in their usual round of good works and socially beneficial activities. In this case, we were helping Mr & Mrs Smith with their recycling, by tidying up the bottles and glasses remaining on the tables from the earlier session of tasting. Having had a practice session, there was little difficulty in ensuring that the task was completed in a timely fashion.

And so, as with all things, time imposed its own discipline and, almost in unison, Ls and Gs headed for the exit which, so short a time ago, had been the entrance!

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