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Santa’s Grotto - Wayfarers’ Arcade 2011

This year is the fourth time that Southport Lions have taken on the very important task of looking after Santa Claus while he is visiting Southport. Among many demands on his time, the Big Chap pencilled in several visits to the town, and he was at the Wayfarers’ Arcade each weekend between the end of November and the start of Christmas Week. This year, again, we have welcomed back a number of the boys and girls, and their parents, who have visited Santa in his Grotto on the previous three occasions.


Santa was particularly pleased this year because not only did most of the boys and girls know the secret of leaving out a carrot for Rudolf, and a mince pie and a glass of something nice for Santa, but they knew the names of all the other reindeer. Well done! But don’t forget, there may be a test next time!

Christmas Parcels 2011 Santa's Grotto 2011 Christmas Lights 2011 Flower Show 2011

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So, it is time for a big THANK YOU to all those who visit Santa at the Grotto. The money which you help us to raise goes towards buying the Christmas Parcels which we distribute to some of our fellow citizens for whom Christmas is less than festive. To see more about how we packed our peck of parcels, click on Christmas Parcels 2011, opposite.