Southport - the Classic Resort on England's North West Coast

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Have you ever noticed? You spend weeks planning and preparing for something, and then it's over! You sit back and think: "now for a bit of peace and quiet!" Well, it doesn't always work that way. As soon as one event is over, there is the next to be planned and prepared for. Maybe we should take up juggling.....

Update February 2015

Latest Information on Upcoming Events


Our big fundraising event of the year is at the Southport Flower Show, where we and our friends operated three Left Luggage and Plant Creche sites. We look after bags and baggage - though not small children or aged relatives! - while the enthusiasts go out and about for more retail therapy. We also sell our famous green bags, though last year they were yellow!


This year, the Flower show will be taking place on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 20th to 23rd August. Each year there is a theme and this year it is “China.” Smashing!