Southport - the Classic Resort on England's North West Coast

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Floral Southport

Flowers Around Southport

It’s true that first impressions count for a lot, and for a town such as Southport, which is so dependent on visitors, it is vital to send the right message to people as they arrive in the town centre. At the southern side of the town, there are several roundabouts, principally at the end of Rotten Row, and at the Esplanade. Since 2011, Southport Lions have undertaken the planting of these with various bedding plants, creating a colourful and welcoming focus for people as they arrive - and it’s not bad for residents, either!

Planting for 2012 went ahead in early July, and our photographs show our Past President, Lion Ray Roukin, with supporter David Rose, hard at work on a Monday morning!

But there is more! Scroll down to see our flower bed at the Botanic Gardens...

Just imagine, all this hard work going on, and not a sign of a tea break! We Lions are made of stern and hardy stuff...

Meanwhile, the programme continues, and new plants are set out according to the seasons!

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Where to go from here

Our latest horticultural hotspot is at the entrance to the Botanic Gardens at Churchtown, on the northern edge of Southport. Here, supporting the Friends of the Botanic Gardens, we have planted out a display to welome visitors to the Gardens.