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First Aid Around Southport

It’s a fact of modern life that one of the commonest causes of death and disability is the effect of heart disease. As with many ailments, early and prompt treatment can help the outcome, and the resultant quality of life.

Where the heart has stopped, or is beating very erratically, some rapid intervention is necessary, and the use of a defibrillator, a device which uses electric impulses to re-start or re-time the heart, can work wonders.

The time saved by pre-positioning defibrillator units in strategic locations in our cities, towns and villages, can make the difference between life and death, and helping in this project is something which Southport Lions have taken up.

In each case, the defibrillator unit is placed where 24-hour public access is possible. The unit is kept within a vandal-resistant cablinet, and access is by a numeric keypad. A quick phone call to the North West Ambulance Service will obtain the keypad number and alert the Service that an ambulance and paramedic will be needed.

Full instructions are provided for both access and use.

Birkdale Defibrillator

First Aid Around Southport

The first unit provided by Southport Lions Club is in Birkdale, attached to the side wall of Latham’s Bakers, adjacent to Abbey Gardens. Our heartfelt (!) thanks go to Latham’s for kindly providing a home for the unit.The photo to the left shows the instructions and access to the cabinet, while the group picture below shows the formal opening ceremony with representatives from Latham’s, our Club and the Birkdale Civic Society on 8th November 2019.

Ainsdale Defibrillator

First Aid Around Southport

The second unit provided by Southport Lions Club is in Ainsdale, mounted on two street pillars near the telephone exchange on Station Road. Our thanks go to Sefton MBC for the provision of the mountings and the connection of the unit to the electricity supply used by the street lighting, and to Ainsdale Civic Society for their support in facilitating the installation which went live in April 2021.

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