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Sefton Sports Awards

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Sefton Sports Awards 2011


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The Melvin

Sefton Sports Awards 2011

15th June 2011 - SSA Supporters of the Year!


The Sefton Sports Awards are given each year to recognise the sporting achievements of various organisations and individuals from the Sefton area. This year, 2011, market the tenth anniversary of these Awards. The presentation is an event in itself, with five hundred or more people there to receive accolades, and to appreciate the work which has been done in our local area.

Southport Lions Club has been there since the beginning; each year we sponsor the award for the Disabled Sports Personality of the Year. Previous winners have represented some of the best of our sporting talent - sports men and women, boys and girls, who have overcome not just the usual challenges to succeed, but the also the extra challenges caused by their own individual circumstances.

So it came as a total surprise to us, this year, when our Club also won an award: Supporter of the Year, in recognition of our support of the event since its inception. We are a bit chuffed!

We are also a bit chuffed because one of our members, Lion Neil McQuaid, who is also Vice Chairman of Sefton Sports Council, received an award for lifetime achievement in helping to develop sports in the area.

We invite you to sit back and watch our pictures from a very memorable evening!

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Sefton Sports Awards 2011 Lions & Rotary Andrea Hayward Jim Heywood Neil McQuaid The Melvin

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