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Sefton Sports Awards

2011-                 2012

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Sefton Sports Awards 2011


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IT Award

The Melvin

Lion Andrea Hayward
12th June 2010 Lion Andrea is awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship


Every organisation has its own ways of rewarding the achievements of its members, and for Lions International this takes the form of a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Melvin Jones was the Chicago businessman who, in 1917, founded Lions on the basis of “You can't get very far until you start doing something for somebody else.”

Lions who have done a great deal for others are recognised by the award of this Fellowship, on the recommendation of their fellow Lions

Lion Andrea Hayward is one such Lion. The first woman member of Southport Lions Club, twice Club President, Zone Chairman, Club Almoner, and currently Welfare Chairman, Lion Andrea personifies the Lions motto of ‘We Serve.’


At the Club’s 48th Charter Anniversary dinner, on Saturday 12th June 2010, Lion Andrea was presented - and was completely surprised to receive - the Melvin Jones Fellowship, commemorated by an inscribed plaque. The plaque was presented by the District Governor of Lions District MD105BN Lion Harry Hawskworth.

The award was greeted by a standing ovation from the members and guests present.

The picture shows Lion Andrea, left, Southport Lions President Joan Rylands, centre, and District Governor Lion Harry Hawksworth, right, with the MJF Plaque.

Sefton Sports Awards 2011 Lions & Rotary Andrea Hayward Jim Heywood Neil McQuaid The Melvin

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