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Our address is really easy to remember, and hopefully it's very logical. How do you think of us? We're the Lions. What do you want to know? Information. Put the two together, and you have www.thelions.info

The very first Lion was Melvin Jones who, in Chicago in 1917, decided that it would be a Good Thing to club together with a few like-minded friends to try to improve the lot of mankind. A daunting task, perhaps, but within a few years hundreds, and then thousands, of others had joined in. By 1950, Lions Clubs had crossed the Atlantic, and taken root in the UK. In the past fifty years, more than 900 other Clubs have joined the Lions Club of London (Host) to recruit more than 40,000 Lions throughout the British Isles.


So, who are the Lions? We like to think of ourselves as ordinary people who do (or try to do) amazing things.

We are men and women who volunteer our time to try to make life better for others. We have no religious, political or social affiliation. The only qualifications for membership are a willingness to do whatever we can, and a desire to live up to the Lions motto "We Serve." Why do we do it? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are Lions. And if you have read this far, you almost certainly know the answer already.

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Who are the Lions, what are we?


Southport Lions Club is one small part of the worldwide family of Lions Clubs International, which is made up of about one point three million members, in more than 45,000 communities, in around 200 countries and territories.

Yet many people have never heard of Lions.

A Great Retail Opportunity in the heart of Ainsdale!

The Lions Shop is open for the sale of all sorts of interesting things. Why not visit our premises at 664 Liverpool Road, Ainsdale!

For more information, CLICK HERE to go to Our Shop, or bookmark the shop's website www.thelionsshop.info

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If you have finished your tour, and would like to help Southport Lions, we would like to hear from you. If you know any Lion Members, speak to them.


If you would like us to contact you, send us a message by clicking on the quill pen above, and our incredible electric computers will do the rest.

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Now, why not take a tour round our site, look at what we are doing, and maybe, just maybe, you might think of ways in which you could help? Go on!

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Updated: 9th May 2021

This website was last updated on Friday 16th April 2021 with revised opening times for the Lions Shop with effect from 17th May 2021


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We do serious things, sometimes, but we don’t always take ourselves too seriously. Watch our new rap video Rockin’ the Vest by clicking on the play button below!